The Peek-a-boo Pocket design by Trimsies has two convenient pockets, one near the front of the diaper and one near the back for easily stuffing the diaper - even a very trim diaper! The Peek-a-boo Pocket will work with most cloth diaper/trainer patterns. It works with turned-and-topstitched diapers, serged diapers, and diapers with FOE around the edges.

The inside layer of the diaper is composed of two overlapping parts.

1) Find the center of your pattern and using the narrowest width of your diaper pattern, divide your pattern in fourths.

2) Use three of these fourths to find your bottom pocket layer as shown in Figure 1.

3) For the second (upper) overlapping layer of the pocket, cut off a front and back wing using curved lines as shown in Figure 2 or straight lines as shown in Figure 3.
Figure 1

Figure 2 Figure 3

Figure 4

Use a serger to finish off the edges of either the straight or curved design. For a hemmed edge (such as with a coverstitch machine), the straight design works best. If you hem the edges, make sure to cut extra fabric for the hem, as shown in Figure 4 above.

Figure 5 (above) shows putting the upper and lower pocket pieces together.

Notes: Place the absorbent diaper insert under BOTH Peek-a-boo Pocket layers. For certain styles of fitted diapers, you can use just the curved (Figure 2) or straight (Figure 3) pocket layer (leaving out the layer pictured in Figure 1). In this case, you would place the diaper insert under the single pocket layer (and above either the outer diaper layer or a middle diaper layer).

Figure 6 below shows an alternate Crisscross Peek-a-boo Pocket design. This style works better on larger diaper sizes (rather than on smaller sizes). For use on smaller diaper sizes, make sure to leave the front opening large enough to reach your hand in and around through both pocket openings.

Figure 6

The Peek-a-boo Pocket design is © 2009 Monique Daley. You may use and modify the Peek-a-boo Pocket design for diapers/trainers that you sew for your own use AND diapers/trainers that you sew for sale. Please use the Peek-a-boo Pocket name in your web site listing and on your tag (if you provide an info tag along with your diapers for sale). Please include the following text with your diaper, on your web site listing, and on your tag:

This diaper has a "Peek-a-boo Pocket" opening. For more information on the Peek-a-boo Pocket design and it's free licensing, please visit

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