When you are ready to apply for a Trimsies license, please email me ( with the following information:


Business Name:

Mailing Address:


Email Address:

Web site(s) where you plan to sell Trimsies diapers/trainers:
The web site(s) can change throughout the licensing period, I just like to keep track of who is selling them on which web sites. If you would like to sell Trimsies on a new web site during your licensing period, simply email me and let me know.

Your desired license start date:

Please also email me a statement that you have reviewed the following Trimsies licensing terms and conditions and that you agree to them.

Trimsies Licensing Terms and Conditions

Monique Daley is the copyright owner of this and all Trimsies Patterns and any future patterns in the Trimsies line(s).

LICENSEE will include the following text on individual web pages for each diaper/trainer created using the pattern if LICENSEE is an online retailer:

For Trimsies diapers: This diaper was created by a licensed Trimsies seamstress using the Trimsies diaper pattern. For more information on the Trimsies patterns, please visit

For Trimsies trainers: This trainer was created by a licensed Trimsies seamstress using the Trimsies trainer pattern. For more information on the Trimsies patterns, please visit

LICENSEE must receive approval from Monique Daley to make major changes to the pattern. Changes that require approval are any that make the product significantly different from those made and sold by other Trimsies license holders.

A serger must be used for professional seams when applicable. Hidden seams do not need to be serged.

All supplies used to make Trimsies diapers/trainers must be of high quality and appropriate for diaper-making.

A size chart must be provided to customers. The size chart only needs to provide measurements for waist and thigh range for the size diaper(s)/trainer(s) you are selling. An exception to this would be if you were selling Trimsies diapers/trainers to customers in person, such as at a trade show or craft fair where customers can see the diapers/trainers in person before purchasing.

All for sale Trimsies diapers and trainers require Trimsies woven tags.

Any for sale Trimsies "seconds" with sewing or other minor flaws must be marked as such. Some ideas for marking seconds include putting an off-color snap on the front of the diaper or marking the number "2" very visibly on the Trimsies woven tag using a permanent marker.

Please use good judgment when constructing Trimsies diapers/trainers and always put the safety of your customer first.

LICENSEE agrees that all diapers and trainers made from the Trimsies pattern must be sewn in her own home without any type of commercial production. This license entitles you and only you, to manufacture licensed Trimsies diapers/trainers out of your own home. Any factory, large-scale production sewing, or any outside help is prohibited.

LICENSEE is responsible for abiding by any current and future patent laws that apply.

This sewing license is non-transferable and non-refundable. This license may not be sold, gifted, or in any other way be transferred to another person/business and refunds will not be given under any circumstances.

Monique Daley is in no way liable for any outcome of a sewing project. Licensee must take responsibility to create Trimsies diapers/trainers to the best of her ability and assumes all risks.

LICENSEE agrees to provide her clients with fair and honest service.

If you have any questions about the Trimsies licensing terms and conditions, please email me at