Licensing Terms

Trimsies licensing terms and conditions
Q. Can I sell diapers/trainers made from the Trimsies pattern?
A. Yes, you may sell diapers and/or trainers made from the Trimsies patterns. A link back to the Trimsies web site is always appreciated. If you are looking for wording to use, you are welcome to say that, "This diaper/trainer was sewn using the Trimsies diaper/trainer pattern, available at" Please note that only official Trimsies Licensees are granted permission to use the specific terms of "Trimsies Diaper" or "Trimsies Trainer", the use of official Trimsies woven labels, the use of Trimsies licensee graphics and the promotion through the Trimsies web site and social media.

Q. How much does a Trimsies license cost?
A. The investment is $50 for a 12-month Trimsies license (for the diaper pattern OR trainer pattern). Licensing for BOTH the Trimsies diaper pattern and trainer pattern is just $10 more ($60 total for a 12-month license).

Q. Is there a limit on the number of Trimsies diapers/trainers I can sell with a license?
A. No, there is no limit on the number of Trimsies diapers or trainers you can sell during your licensing period, provided that you are the one sewing and selling them (no mass production).

Q. Can I share a license with my business partner?
A. Each person sewing and selling official Trimsies Diapers or Trimsies Trainers needs to purchase their own Trimsies pattern(s) and their own Trimsies license.

Q. Can I sell locally and online with a Trimsies license?
A. Yes, you are welcome to sell both locally and online, provided that you are the sewing all of the diapers/trainers yourself.

Q. What is the licensing process?
A. After you have sewn a few Trimsies diapers/trainers and are ready to apply for a license, email me photos of at least two different Trimsies diapers/trainers you have sewn - the diapers/trainers that you send photos of should be representative samples of the style(s) you are planning to sell. The photos you email should be high resolution and in focus. Take the time to find good lighting for your photos and lay the diapers/trainers out as you would ones for sale. Conscientious workmanship and quality photos will help you sell more diapers/trainers! For diapers, please include photos showing the diaper front (snapped up), back (laid out) and inside (showing soaker/doubler). For trainers, please include photos showing the front and back. Once I approve your work, you can submit your license fee and begin selling Trimsies! Once the license is issued, fees are non-transferable and non-refundable. Please review the Trimsies licensing terms and conditions.

If you have any questions or would like to become a licensed Trimsies seamstress, please email me at