Lay in or snap in folded soakers for Trimsies diapers

If you'd like to make a lay in or snap in folded soaker rather than the contour soaker and doubler, below are some suggested measurements. For a soaker folded in thirds, use either 2 or 3 layers of absorbant materials. For soakers fourths or fifths, use only 2 layers of absorbant materials. My favorite lay in soaker for long outings is a 5 fold soaker made from one layer of cotton/hemp fleece and one layer of cotton velour. When rolled up in fifths, it makes 10 thirsty layers and the cotton velour seems to stay pretty dry on top.

For a 3 fold: 9" by 8"
For a 4 fold: 9" by 11"
For a 5 fold: 9" by 12"

For a 3 fold: 11" by 9"
For a 4 fold: 11" by 12"
For a 5 fold: 11" by 14"

For a 3 fold: 13" by 9.5"
For a 4 fold: 13" by 12.5"
For a 5 fold: 13" by 15"
Note: The first measurement is the length that goes front to back of diaper.

Tip: If you are making a lay in soaker and serging the edges, you can serge the end that goes in the front with a different color so you can easily figure out which side goes in the front. If you are turning and topstitching your soaker, you could do a zig-zag stitch on the front edge or topstitch in a different color.